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When Anna Blanchette, owner of local Marion business SugarMe - a body sugaring and skin therapy spa - first applied for a grant through the Iowa Economic Development’s “Main Street Iowa” program, she wasn’t expecting to end up winning and moving on to the regional and then state-wide competition.


This came at a time when her business was experiencing so much growth that she needed to expand into a larger building. Considering all that comes with expanding and moving a business, there was little time to plan and learn how to create a visual presentation for the state-wide grant competition. Fortunately, she was able to utilize my services to be fully prepared and confident with her presentation - which helped her win third place at the state level and receive a $5,000 grant!


Anna really knows her business, and the growth she experienced simply through word-of-mouth proves just that. While sugaring and skin care are her areas of expertise, making slides and graphics aren’t something she had much experience with. There were certain requirements that needed to be met, and professional quality presentation was a must.


We sat down and went over the guidelines for the presentation. I was able to help her organize the information about her business into a clear and understandable format. One of her main business needs that the grant could help with was signage. Located in Uptown Marion on the corner of 8th ave and 9th street, there is plenty of traffic driving by, but her building only had a sign on one side. This left all the traffic from one way without an indication of what the business was. With that in mind, I set out to take some video and photos demonstrating the need for additional signage.

Next came designing and putting together slides. She sent me a copy of her rough draft presentation and I went to work finding ways to help visually support what she planned to say. This involved creating several graphics and using some photos that I’d taken. Video was used as well to show how much she would be helped by having a sign on the back of the building.

After a few revisions and fine tuning, her presentation was ready to go. However, I wanted to be sure that her PowerPoint would work correctly on the computer at the event. Because we weren’t able to access to the computer until the day of the event, I included JPEG files of each slide along with the actual PowerPoint - just in case there were any compatibility issues.


With her use of my services, she was able to feel confident heading off to make her case to the competition judges. She knew that her information was clear, effective, and had visual support with the same level of professionalism she has with her day-to-day work. It all paid off, too, as she was able to go from one small local district grant all the way to winning third place at the state-wide level!


Your business or organization probably has media needs come up from time to time that are either outside of your comfort zone or you simply don’t have enough time or staff to do the work as well as you’d like. Just like Anna did for SugarMe, you too can use my services to efficiently get professional quality multimedia projects done as they come up.


Please contact me, I’d love to hear about your story and how I can help!

Daniel Dorman

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