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As a small business or organization, you've got many roles to fill. Making schedules, sales pitches, advertising and marketing decisions, updating the website, training - and countless more tasks taking up your time. Many of these also require you to create content for social media, training, presentations, further taking focus off your work.


You can use my skills and knowledge to best maximize the use of your time. Free up your time by adding me to your team when your work load requires it. You’ll get quality creative work, done with focus and intent - not as a distraction.  A wide range of skills are just an email or phone call away!


By working directly with me - no middle man or sales rep - you will get your creative and multimedia needs accomplished more effectively than ever! Then you can focus on what you really need to - not trying to learn Photoshop or code!

Creative Services

Personal Service

You get a personal experience working directly with me. There are no sales people or project managers getting in the way. I will work directly with you, from your project's start to finish.


If you need me to be on-site at your business or working with people on your team, that's what you'll get. Need someone to assist with a multimedia presentation at a fundraiser? You've got me there. Fit me in exactly as you need to accomplish your goals.

Purposeful Design

You will get high-quality creative work designed with your goals in mind.  Keeping your goals the focus, the design will support and enhance the message, making sure the purpose doesn't get lost in the design.


What I Can Do For You

You can think of me as a digital handyman. While you wouldn’t want me to attempt to build you a deck or repair appliances, putting things together in the digital realm is a different story. If your project involves video, graphics, audio or designing and is put together on a computer, it’s probably something I’m equipped to help you get done!


Video is a fantastic way to get your message seen in an increasingly noisy world. It’s engaging to potential customers more so than text or images and promotes sharing on social media. Abstract or complex concepts can be explained more effectively through a well produced video than pages of text. Not only that, but you get to show more of your personality and style with video, making a deeper connection with your viewers.


Need to promote a new product on social media, a TV commercial, or a training video? Whether you’ve got ideas in your head already, or need help planning from scratch - you’ve got your bases covered with me on your team! Producing a quality video is something you’ll really be proud of! Check out my portfolio for examples of videos I’ve produced.

Graphics & Design

Anything from infographics and ads to presentations and menu designs, there’s a lot of content that needs to be created for just about everything these days. People recognize the meaning of symbols quicker than words, making visuals an extremely important part of our day to day life. Unless you’re an artist or graphic designer, your time is probably better spent running your business than it is trying to wrestle with learning Photoshop. No idea or project is too big or too small, now you can accomplish them all!


You may not need to be in the phonebook anymore, but you definitely need to be online! While there are more options than ever for DIY websites, it’s still very time consuming and can be difficult to get the results you want. Whether you need a complete site from scratch with a blog and storefront, a simple landing page with basic information, or just help keeping up with the site you’ve got - you can put my experience and skills to work!


Old and outdated information and designs can lead people to believe your business or organization is no longer active. No longer do you need to keep putting off website work because of your busy schedule, you’ve got just the right amount of help you need! To see some of my work (which includes this site) check out my portfolio.

Audio & Music

Sounding great is just as important as looking great! From audio-only projects like Podcasts or radio ads, to video voice overs and movie dialogue, high-quality audio can be what gets the attention of your customers. Having access to a professional audio studio with an isolated booth, you get not only the best - but the right sound for your needs. If you've got your own production team and just need an audio professional on location for a day, you can bring me in to set up wireless lav mics, operate a boom mic or even capture the live sound of a presentation or stage performance.


If music is your need, my background in music production, writing, and performance could be just what you need to get your project accomplished. Everything is possible, from recording simple demos to a full band multitrack recording, you'll have everything you need to finally hear your ideas fully realized. With some of the highest quality audio converters in the industry and a wide range of mics, there's nothing holding you back from having top-notch recordings. You can choose to either record everything in the studio, another location of your choosing, or a mix of both. Click here to find out more about the studio and the music production services available to you.

… and More!

  • Educational and training materials
  • File format conversion
  • VHS and cassette tape conversion to digital
  • Photo editing
  • File management
  • Apple technical support (Mac OS X, iOS)
  • Equipment consultation

You can hire me with confidence

Here are a few of the brands and companies that have trusted me with their creative multimedia needs. For an in depth view of my work, you can view my portfolio, or read about some of the projects I’ve worked on in the past.


You can also contact me with a description of what you’re needing to get done and I’ll get back to you with my thoughts and ideas on how I can help you achieve your goals. 

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“Dan’s attention to detail and expertise makes him a pleasure to work with. Our on-location radio shows always sound great when he’s at the helm!”


Dennis Green

General Manager, KCCK-FM

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Click to view my portfolio for examples of my work!


Please contact me with any questions you may have about what I can do for you or your business. I look forward to hearing from you!

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